Monday, January 26, 2009

T minus 8 months

The wedding is in exactly 8 months! Ahhh!

Things are going well. I've got my dress, picked out the bridesmaid dresses; decided on colors/theme and possible centerpieces. My wedding binder is growing by the minute with cut-out ideas from magazines and online and different possibilities for every last little aspect. My "girls" are amazing -- supportive, funny and upbeat. My fiance is handsome and loving beyond belief. I'm finally getting my ring re-sized so it fits without a mis-matched ring guard. Everything is going well.

Oh, except for the depressed feeling in my heart; the daily meltdowns and the ho-hum attitude. I'm going to blame part of it on tension/worries at work and part of it on hormones or something. But, I really can't find any excuse good enough for taking what should be such an exciting time and making it difficult or sad.

What's wrong with me???

Seriously, I am so excited to marry my soulmate and there is not a doubt in my mind about this decision or about my husband-to-be. He's my best friend. He's my everything.

Do all brides go through this?


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