Friday, December 12, 2008

I just can't (and don't want to) get rid of her

My friend Jeannine contacted me recently after yet another one of our infamous dry spells of communication. She and I have been through so much - ups, downs and then some more - in the 10 or so years of our friendship that it's really a wonder we're friends at all.

Her e-mail came literally MINUTES after I was thinking about her and our friendship and how sad it was we just weren't really in touch anymore.

And again, like not a day has gone by. That's the beauty of my real and true friends. We can change significant others, jobs, locations and sanity levels and we pick up the phone or hit the Send button and it's like we're still sophomores in high school throwing Starbursts wrappers out the window during a final and shouting to the wind. Yup, Jeannine is that kind of friend.

She's the girl who rescued me after I drove home. With a concussion. "Jeans, I'm at my house and I don't know where I am... I hit my head in gym. Nope, I drove." Even if she left her toaster on at her house, she was still there by my side. Until the ambulance arrived.

Jeannine is the friend who saw me face my toughest challenge to date. While others tried to ignore it and still others placed all their faith that it was just a phase or a passing thing, she risked everything and got me help. I can honestly say that as cheesy as it sounds, I just might not be here today without that moment. I think back on it every time I feel weak.

I'm so glad we are back in touch. We're hoping for a meeting while Scott and I are in NJ for Christmas, but even if that doesn't work out, we've got phone calls and e-mails and beautiful, beautiful memories.


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