Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I've super-sucked at updating my blog recently, but hey, I've been packing/painting/moving/unpacking/arranging/re-arranging/decorating/unpacking/organizing. :-)

We are all moved in! I promise I'll put some photos of the house up here in a day or two.

For now, entertaining lessons learned throughout the last week.

* Scott is my little ADD child. I would leave Scott in some room with one or two projects to work on, come back two hours later and find him fixing a light... or adjusting a stuck window... NOT the project(s) he was "working on."

* A lack of cell phone service can be awful.

* A lack of cell phone service can be amazing.

* Putting up Halloween decorations is an excuse for laying out a bowl filled with candy corn while no one else is home. And then being able to eat said candy corn every time you walk through a room.

* Scott does not like decorating for Halloween. Or any other holiday, I'd imagine.

* Living in your own home gives you a right and PRIVILEGE to drink beer or wine as often as you'd like. Taking a break from unpacking? Here's a Yuengling. Ran out of Clorox Wipes? Here's a beer. First dinner at the new home? Check out the Erie Wine we bought this year. Second dinner at the new home? Want some more wine?

* I am a packing/unpacking drill sergeant. If I could make Scott go on the floor and give me 20 (push-ups), for twiddling with said lamp and not moving things, I would. If I could use a megaphone while directing Scott's family members in the moving process and still be considered a viable option for their precious boy's hand in marriage, I definitely would have. I might even have used two.

* You never actually put things in a good spot the first time around. Birth control, for instance, belongs in a special place you'll remember -- not underneath a pile of things that Scott will get to "tonight" (3 days ago). Getting doubles of things like litter box deodorizer and tissues will decrease the number of times you have to go up and down the steps, too.

* If most of the doors in the house require a key to lock them, you should probably make sure you have a key inside the house for when your boyfriend decides to lock the doors when he leaves for work. Imagine your poor dog has to go outside to pee. You go to open the back door, where your shoes are and where you take her out and the doorknob doesn't budge. No problemo, you think as you reach behind you for your keychain. Oh, right, the keychain you decided to leave in your car in the garage. Sigh. You realize, as the dog sways from side to side and begins to pray to you to just let her soil your sparkling clean kitchen floor, that you have no time to worry about the fact that you're not wearing a bra or that your slippers will likely get dirty from this next adventure. You run out to the side door, but oh, this is an old house and the door is stuck beyond your weak little girl potential of budging it, and you -- now running at this point -- head to the front door, zip around the side of the house, open the back door, then open the garage door with the button at the back door, run inside the garage, grab the keys, open the back door, throw leash on dog (who is now giving you the finger/paw) and watch her barely make it off of the sidewalk before the long-awaited squat.

There are many other important lessons learned so far, but we should probably not scare Aunt Alice too badly if she is reading this. :-)

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