Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A (baby) bump in the night

No I'm not pregnant.

But, on our way to a haunted house Friday night with our friends Mike and Julie, we found out they were expecting!

I can't explain the pure joy I felt for them, especially as Julie and I had become so close that I knew her ovulation schedule by heart! (I won't mention anything about a certain chocolate topping to your children, don't worry.) Their news really affected me -- much more than I had expected.

It must have gotten to Scott, too, because that night we had one of the most amazing and precious conversations in our 2.5 years together so far. I needed to hear the words he had for me. They soothed me and keep me going through my quiet or lonely moments during the day.

And I think about those words often. Kind of to the rhythm of a tick, tock, tick, tock...


Congrats to Mike and Julie *(and Ty or Olivia.)

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