Thursday, October 23, 2008

Because reporters use a lot of chemicals when they work...


I had to go into the office of the paper today (about a 40-minute drive now) to watch a safety video. Well, two videos, actually. I'm partially to blame, being as I "missed" the first watching and then the back-up date. Turns out, I got caught and had to partake in this mandatory, joyful event.

Well, the first video, from 1985 -- yes, really, the video was made the year after my birth -- had a glitch of some sort. Just as the narrator began describing the various types of chemicals and toxins, his voice began to skip, pause, skip, pause. Irr-i-tants-and-car-cin-o-gens.

The man in charge (our advertising director) thought that blowing on the disc would help. NO? Oh, how about starting it over so we can watch the first five minutes over again. And over yet again when that didn't work.

Honestly, I'd like to make like the actor in the new TV Series Life on Mars, where I just jump in front of a speeding vehicle after a spin move on my cool radio, jump back to 1985 and bitch slap whomever thought this video was a good idea then, and more importantly, 23 years later.

**On a side note, for all you Grey's Anatomy fans, how about the cool 12-person kidney transplant multi-surgery thingy? I loved when Grey dropped the kidney and Bailey screams, "Five second rule!"

So, if I would happen to ingest those nasty toxic chemicals at work, here at my home office, I would feel totally safe that some meathead could quite possibly drop a very important organ of mine on the floor.


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