Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear cat: You're fat and you're grossin' Momma out.

So, our "baby" -- cat Rocky -- went to the vet this morning for what was to be a routine vaccination.


Turns out he (and likely the other two cats and the puppy) are overweight. Not a surprise and I can certainly handle limiting their food intake.

The even-better news is that the little mongrel has a mild case of roundworm. Mmm-hmmm. So his brand new (expensive) medicine will bring us joy in the form of possibly-alive 3-7-inch squirmy things.

Guess who's changing the litter boxes for the next two weeks? You better believe Scott.

Scott's parents just told me that our zoo/pets are harder than children. I hope they're right, but I'm thinking they may just tell us anything to get themselves some grandkids before they hit 70.

I've scrubbed the floors, washed blankets, couch covers and cleaned out the litter boxes. I'm going to go wash my hands. Again.

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