Monday, November 16, 2009

Making up for lost blog time

I've been terrible at posting for the past week or so.

I've been busy with work, busy with trying to finish these *$%^(! thank-you cards from my wedding 7 weeks ago, putting my house back together after a long renovation process is (semi-) completed, continuing training for the domestic abuse/sexual abuse shelter and hotline all the while being a tremendous housewife, friend and overall sane person.

So let's catch up, via our friend the bulleted list.

* My trip back to SU with Kacey was fantastic! A sign across the main street in the quaint little town read, "Welcome Home." I don't know why that is my first image that I think of when I reminisce about that trip. Maybe because it never was home.
Maybe because my "home" is with the people I love the most. Kacey is most definitely one of those people, so having her next to me when I read that sign was pretty significant.

* I have a love-hate relationship with the large maple tree in our backyard.
It is so beautiful three-fourths of the year -- providing shade to our hilly empty lot and part of our tennis court and looking so beautiful with its yellow, and then red leaves in the Autumn. Just before it dumps all of its leaves in one fell swoop.
For us to pick up.
It took us FIVE hours on Saturday to rake, and we aren't even done!!!

* I'm going to see the ROCKETTES (!) at a nearby venue this Saturday with my dear friend Emily and I'm so excited!
I went to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in NYC when I was younger and I don't think my eyes stopped bugging out for days. It's just one of those special Christmas-season-is-here moments that I treasure.

*Speaking of Christmas, according to the Rockettes' Web site, there are 38 days, 5 hours and 36 minutes as I write this until Christmas Day!
And yes, I'm ready.
In fact, I may have downloaded SEVERAL ALBUMS of holiday music on my iTunes account today. Ella Fitzgerald is currently serenading me with Away in a Manger and I'm loving every second of it.

*Also speaking of Christmas, I may not be able to spend the holidays with my family after all this year because of my work schedule. ::Insert massively disappointed sigh here:: I know Scott and his family will make it a special holiday -- after all, it's our first Christmas as a married couple! -- but, it's still a real disappointment.

I'm looking forward to:
- The Rockettes !
- Holding Thanksgiving dinner here at our house for Scott's parents and grandparents
- Meeting Ashley's sweet boyfriend the weekend after Turkey Day
- Cuddling up by the fireplace with my handsome hubby in our living room as the temperatures drop (ahem, um, if winter weather should decide to come back or anything... it'sbeen in the 50s and 60s!)
- Getting back in touch with family and friends
... and much, much more :-)

Gotta go -- write some more thank-you cards of course! -- have a good week!!!

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  1. It's been SEVEN weeks since your wedding?? Good Lord, time is flying.

    I had many a Christmas holiday semi-spoiled by the Mirror and the Bedford Gazette before that, so you're in good company. We all get Xmas off at my current newspaper, but if it falls in the middle of the week, it's still a pain for me because my fam is four hours away. Ah, newspapers!