Friday, October 23, 2009

Time for the Day Off song

A day off! A day off! A day off!

We all know by now that a day off song means working a weekend, though. So let's take a minute and ponder all of the things Wendy could be doing if she wasn't spending 8 hours google-ing in a cold office 45 minutes away from home until she's so tired she can barely make the drive across back roads and deer-passing zones. Sigh.


Now let's think happy thoughts and focus on the positive.

There is the lack of an alarm this morning that I thoroughly enjoyed.
And the freedom to facebook stalk for a few minutes -- during normal work hours!

If I get my rear end in gear... like, by stopping things like blogging, silly girl... I will get ready (and by 'get ready' I mean put on jeans and a comfy shirt/jacket and *maybe* do my hair in a way that resembles a style).

Then I am meeting with my mom-in-law for some lunch and chatting. Well, she'll likely do most of the chatting. I'll enjoy the local cafe's huge sandwiches and good soup.

Then I am continuing the process of changing my name. My goal today is the bank and Social Security.

I hope to get home in time to make Scott a loaf of homemade bread to enjoy this evening.

And then? I'm really not sure.

At some point this weekend I am meeting up with my friend Emily while I'm in 'the big city,' so it will be really nice to catch up with her.
I might see my friend Ashley, who just returned from a trip to Florida to see a special guy. I miss my friends! Darned wedding preparations and thank-you cards!

My goal today is to not really do a heck of a lot. I feel like I've been semi-sick for the past few days and despite getting LOTS of sleep last night, I am still exhausted. I don't like being lazy very often, but maybe I need it today.
But I guarantee my day off on Monday will be even lazier.

My only plans for Monday are to meet up (for the first time, which is so weird!) with Jessica (and maybe her hubby) for some good Mexican and catching up in person officially. I'm really looking forward to it! We worked with each other back when I first started at this paper, but it wasn't until the lovely couple was ACROSS AN OCEAN in Germany that we started e-mailing and reading each other's blogs. They are back in the states and, after just celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, are ready to be friends with a crazy girl like me. :-)

Time to go enjoy...
A DAY OFF! WHOOOOO! (I think it could even be a good drinking song.)


  1. Yay! I can't wait! How ridiculous is it how we've come together? :)

  2. I can tell you had a day off - I just was playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and saw your top score of a zillion and some odd poitns, lol.

    And yes! That was Heather commenting on my post!


  3. So, I totally cyberstalked you (so sorry!) and came across this lovely piece of the internet called your blog! Congrats on getting married!!! I remember Kacey telling me a while back that you were getting married, so I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner - I was busy stressing out about my recent move...which has brought me to the lovely city of London, England!

    We really should catch up sometime - I'd love to hear you gush about your wedding (which I'm sure was amazing).