Thursday, October 29, 2009

A pretty prance with Proud

Something literally had to hit me on the head to get me out of my self-induced miserable funk.

Albeit a leaf.

It's not how hard you get smacked with sense, but how much of an impact it leaves.

I had taken the puppies out for a pee-break when a huge yellow leaf landed on my head. A chuckle and a glance around and low-and-behold, it was a GORGEOUS Autumn afternoon. I had let it slip past me for a few weeks now. Not today.

I had a couple of hours to take off of my work day today, so that instant became that time off for me.

I grabbed my camera and just me and our greyhound Proud strolled down the driveway and into the comforting breeze as leaves danced along the street.

We went for about 25 or 30 minutes, taking a pause on a bench at an old schoolhouse on the hill to "talk." Well, he went "roo, roooooo, roo" and I blabbed while I scratched his ears.

It was perfect.

The company was great (Roo!) and the foliage is still lovely here.

And I just love my Proud Man.


  1. You have a greyhound?? Is he a retired one? If I ever got a dog (which let's be honest here, I really am not a friend of dogs, I prefer the felines) I'd get a retired greyhound. My Mom told me Papa (her dad) used to race greyhounds and then keep them after they can't race anymore :)

  2. Thanks, Jess!

    Yes, Heather, we have a retired racer. We adopted him in Jan. 2009 and he's just now starting to come out of his shell and be a little more social. They are the sweetest animals EVER... so loyal!

    Our guy raced more than 100 times in West Virginia -- winning a lot of them and finishing in one of the top classes for greyhounds at his retirement.

    (And he gets along with our three cats, too!)

  3. I LOVE these pictures... I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy the beautiful afternoon! And guess what... ONE WEEK till I see your gorgeous face! :-) :-)