Monday, October 26, 2009

A day-off schedule, courtesy of my hubby

I have to say this right now -- my husband (I LOVE saying that) is the cutest man in the whole world. We just have been getting better and better, literally by the day. I'm quite content.


I woke up this morning -- another day off for working this weekend!!! -- and found a "schedule" for my day on the kitchen counter.

It included items like...
... Sleep until 10:30.
Have hot cocoa.
11:06: Relax
2:00 : Take nap.

And some "pook-ing," but that's a whole other topic. :-)

I just thought the little Post-It was the cutest way to start my day.

So, I'll have to follow some of his "rules," namely the relaxing part before adding in some laundry and thank-you cards this afternoon.

Then, tonight, it's dinner (aka Mexican fun muhahaha) with Jess!

Have a good week. :-)

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