Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Belated post from Jeans

This is Wendy, on behalf of Jeannine, on behalf of me. Here's a post from several days ago that Jeans sent to me via e-mail after some technological issues. I'll be back to posting in the next day or so, after unpacking, laundry, organizing, thank-you cards, going back to work and much, much more...


hey everybody, this is jeannine, another one of wendy's bridesmaids reporting in ;)

the wedding was spectacular - the flowers were beautiful, the church and reception hall were lovely, the families and friends were great, scott is the shit...and the bride was breath-taking (i'm sorry, it is ok to say "shit" in wendy's blog?  i hope so.)   wendy's dress was so graceful and her hair was stunning, but the glow she was radiating was the most gratifying, and wonderful thing i've ever seen.  lol, and THAT'S why wendy put a mini thing of tissues in my gift bag.  eesh.  

on to the funny stuff!  wendy knows me a little too well and seated me and my boyfriend, along with kacey, some high school friends (who it was GREAT to see) and a few others within arms reach of both the bar and the dance floor.  unfortunately, there are pictures on facebook to prove it.  

...and while i'm sure that wendy and scott are having a really great, well-deserved time on their honeymoon, but i miss her and i'm ready for her to come home.  


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