Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We need happy thoughts all up in this grill

My friend and lovely bridesmaid Julie got some scary news last week.

She went to the doctor last Monday and he found malignant melanoma on her leg. By Friday, she had had surgery to remove a chunk out of her right calf and the surgeon seemed optimistic that they had gotten it all.
She finds that out for sure on Thursday.

I need all of the spare positive thoughts you can muster to head her way. She and her husband Mike are amazing people, wonderful friends, and such good parents to their baby girl, Olivia.

Today, she told me this and I wanted to speed the 40 miles over to her and hold her...
"Going from thinking I was completely healthy to cancer in 3 days was a bit much."

I love her.
My friends mean so much to me. When they ache, I ache. When they're joyful, my spirits are great.

I don't care about wedding RSVPs that are still unanswered, seating charts that need created or favors that need done... I just want Thursday to be here so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

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