Monday, September 14, 2009


I never got a chance to blog about my 9/11/09.
I had the awesome professional and personal opportunity to cover the 8th anniversary ceremony at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Somerset County, PA.

And it was as intense, somber, motivating, deep, bittersweet, hopeful and healing a time as you could imagine.

My press credentials got me up close and personal not only to speakers that included former Secretary of State Colin Powell, but also to family and loved ones of the40 heroes on board that flight. If there's anything I've learned about that flight in my time covering this area, it's that those 40 passengers and crew -- complete strangers when they boarded United Flight 93 -- were NOT victims, but heroes.

I was so impressed and amazed by their loved ones -- who have fought as courageous a battle here on earth as possible, trying to get understanding and recognition. In two years, their success will come in the form of a permanent national memorial at the crash site.

It was a hard day, but an enriching one. I can't wait to cover this in '10 and '11... and more, I hope.

I grew up 40 minutes from the NYC skyline and those two towers crashed down on the world of everyone I went to school with in 2001. We were in lockdown in the building for that day, and maybe, in a way, chained forever to those events. I still can't watch videos from that day without completely falling apart.

I never knew that that tiny field with the "other plane" would become an important part of my career. Nor could I imagine all it would stir up in my soul.

Never forget.


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