Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo catch-up

I never got around to posting any photos from my trip to NJ, so here, better late than never, is a snapshot of all the fun I had!

Aunt Alice's stray, nicknamed "Whittle," entertaining me moments after my arrival to Bayonne.

Showing off the world-famous Petridis hot dogs with mandatory Yoo-Hoo.

Five hours later: Mmmm, heartburn.
Well worth it, though.

With Drew, milli-seconds after his arrival to my aunt's house and moments before embarking on Ye Olde NYC Adventure.

Coming up: Tilted umbrella drownings and wandering loops across Manhattan and surrounding areas.

With Lindsay, the most astonishing voice I've known. She's going to rock at least a smidge of the reception! And she's rocked my world as a friend, teammate and avid supporter for yeeeeaaars.

My dad and my sister Laura, during my three-hour visit with them.
How cute!

My handsome nephew, Nicholas, 4, and my lovely niece (and junior bridesmaid-to-be) Ashley, 9.

When I look at them, I feel OLD.
And proud.

And, of course, hydrangeas, the wedding flower of choice, I hear. :-)

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