Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make all the Jersey jokes you want.

As a Jersey Girl through and through, nothing makes me quite so happy as returning to the land of Turnpike exits, thick accents, the glorious shore and malls every 10 miles.

For the first time in SIX MONTHS (!) I am heading to Jersey this weekend. I'll be staying with my mom's sister, Aunt Alice, Friday and Saturday and will make a stop to see my dad and family Sunday on my way home.

I'm heading out by myself this trip, only because we couldn't find anyone to watch the pets, but also to a: let Scott get some things done around the house and b: to give me and my aunt some one-on-one time.

My aunt and I hope to figure out wedding favors (she's helping with those) and to pick out a dress for her to wear at a super-special occasion on Sept. 26. :-) Other than that, I can almost guarantee there will be hot dogs from world, er Bayonne-famous Petridis, down the block from where my mom's family grew up, some laughs and several bottles of wine.

I desperately need a Wendy Time-out (part of the reason for my lack of blogs lately) and there's no better place in the world for me to do that than my ole home state.

Of course, I will most definitely miss Scott.
Don't laugh, but we actually have not been three days apart since the very beginning of our relationship... say, three years ago! It's not a big deal, I know, but in a way, it sort of is. We manage to be together much of the time without being joined at the hip. And we have a great "friend" relationship, too. Of course, I'll be ditching him two more times before our wedding -- for some bachelorette party/bridal shower shenanigans in early August and then of course the night before the nuptials.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right??? :-)

My car has new brakes -- and a new horn! (Ask me sometime about how I
Scott even cleaned ye olde Santa Fe!

I'm packed. (sort of)

I have my Bruce Springsteen CD in the player in my car, ready to go.

I am ready.
The Jersey Girl shall return!


  1. In '06 I took Jake to the Newark airport for this then-trip to Germany (he went for a month that summer). I got turned around trying to get out of there and was forced to get on the Jersey Turnpike. As I started hyperventilating I did an illegal U-turn, paid a $5 ticket for doing so and got the very nice Turnpike attendant to help me get the heck out of there.

    The end. :)

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  3. I love Jersey because you don't have to pump your own gas there. I hate pumping gas.