Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Delirious from writing my zip code 135 times

I haven't written in a few days and it has nothing to do with whether or not I have anything to say and more with how much I've lost my mind each night after between one and four hours of working on invitations before I fall asleep and drool on our pretty little wedding-themed stamps.

All sense of control was lost when my first purple glittery pen died after 20 invitations. Carelessness took over the first time I put a stamp on upside-down and remained through soaking our self-pity in the always-handy Yuengling.

It is really exciting to be taking the time out -- together, as a couple (Yay, Scott!) -- and adding our own little bit of extra time and effort with hand-written return envelopes and main ones; wondering if the aunt in Georgia really will make the trip and smiling over the loved ones from New Jersey, New York, Florida and Arizona who have already booked their hotel rooms.

We're so happy. So excited.

Last weekend's wedding really got us anxious for our own, and now I feel like things have gone into a bit of a slow-motion watching-from-afar TV movie moment. Complete with various size envelopes and cute little RSVP cards.

It's sort of this waiting period. Waiting for the bridesmaid dresses to arrive. Waiting to send out the invites so that we can wait to hear back from people.

I am so happy; so amazingly content.
I hope it's the beginning of a long, long lifetime of said contentment.

With all due respect, a lifetime with no more bells and rings and ... stamps.

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