Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another entry for the "Life isn't fair" category

I want to preface this entry by saying I have never met the Spohr family. In fact, I only stumbled across their blogs not so long ago, sort of haphazardly.

And now, as they attend funeral services today for their baby girl, Maddie, I feel as though my world has been shaken upside down as well as theirs.

You really get to know people intimately through their daily or weekly or monthly blogging. I am amazed at how much strangers and friends share with Internet stalkers like me. I find myself laughing at their ups and sobbing with them, albeit thousands of miles away, through their downs.

I think the therapy that is online blogging works both ways.

Anyway, check out these videos and this Web site, but be warned, you'll need Kleenex.

Madeline video
Purple balloons for Maddie video

And perhaps consider a donation to the March of Dimes, to help other families and other babies with smiles -- and hearts -- bigger than the human world. Much bigger than any of us.

Keep them in your thoughts.

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