Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What the verge of 25 looks like

Thankfully, the pictures on my memory card survived the Great Camera Debacle of '09 and I thought I would share a few images from the last week.

Nicole has some of the worst pet allergies I've ever seen. And we have more pets than most people have ever seen. Together, it could have been a catastrophe, especially since she was like the Pied Piper, being followed at all times by some four-legged creature, like Rocky here. That's her medicine collection on my desk.

Nicole meets some of our local gang at one of our favorite little (dive) places. All told, this picture includes the bride and groom, maid of honor, best man and one groomsman. And 43 types of half-eaten wings on the table.

That's my fiance. I love him very, very much. That's all I have to say about that. :-)

Two of 'my girls,' Jeannine and Nicole, outside the Philadelphia train station. Nicole is about to burst into tears because she's leaving. Jeannine is brimming with excitement about the shananigans that are about to begin.

Jeannine and I at dinner Saturday night. It was sooooo good to get back together -- and drink legally! -- after so long. I love her to pieces. On a side note, we should not have had another sip after this very moment. :-)

So many people made it a very special week and I'm so grateful to them. Here goes lucky 25!!!

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