Friday, February 27, 2009

A lesson in biting your tongue

Scott is home sick from work for the third day in a row today.

And I could scream.

I feel terribly that he's so under the weather, I really do. It's just absolutely impossible to work on a way-too-overflowing plate of stories for work, take care of the dogs, him AND myself three days in a row.

Plus, I swear this cold/flu/illness has made him more annoying.

Example: Proud gets up from his bed and walks down the hallway. Scott: "Want me to take the dogs out?" GASP. OHMYGODTHEDOGMOVEDICANTBELIEVEIDIDNTHAVETHELEASHONMYHANDALREADY.

Also, the excitement of his day so far came at lunchtime, when I had him parked on the couch and I hear him exclaim, "Ooooooh, Ice Road Truckers is on again."

For those that don't know, that show follows six random redneck guys with no teeth with names like Bear and Alex who drive loads of 'stuff' across the ice in Canada or Alaska. Most of the time there's at least one breakdown. There's definitely never anything good. Scott loves the show now.

I have a feeling it's going to be a very, very long weekend. :-)

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