Friday, January 30, 2009

All I know is...

... I am so glad this week is nearly over. More so than any other Friday, I've found myself peeking up at the clock in my office every few minutes or so, wishing and hoping that somewhere along the line, the cute lil hour hand flew down to the "5" or something. No such luck.

It's just been a roller coaster ride this week. Some highlights:

- Thinking I was going to lose my job like soooo many other people in the industry (and at my paper) this week.
- Not losing my job.
- Gaining a larger coverage area to keep an eye on.
- Getting my engagement ring back after having it re-sized. Whooo! It's gorgeous!
- Talking with "gemela." TWICE!
- Being a complete bitch to Scott on numerous occasions.
- Watching new addition Proud make huge steps, literally -- up the steps!
- My many meltdowns.

The sun'll come out to-morrow...


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