Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Should I just call an ambulance now? (the fine line between holly-jolly and holy crap)

Today is one of those moments where the thought of a visit to a crowded emergency room is not so far-fetched.

Scott is outside, decorating our house with Christmas lights. He's entirely too anal when it comes to Christmas decorations - he has an entire system of what rocks his reindeer world and what just totally sucks. His ideal of the perfectly-decorated house includes all-white lights that follow the perimeter of a house.

I threw up my hands with disgust when my ideas of brightly-colored strands, trees and Santas were thrown out the windows and left it to him.

I saw a ladder go sailing by my office window a few minutes ago and I keep hearing loud thuds that shake the entire house. I peeked around the corner and saw him half-smiling, half-grimacing. There are several boxes on our garage roof now and I can no longer see him; I just hear the occasional BANG!

(Is it completely unloyal and cruel to hope that at least the front of the house gets decorated before the ER trip?)

Keep your fingers crossed!

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