Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kittens vs. Christmas Tree, Round One

Scott and I put up our Christmas tree, and most of our other decorations, Sunday evening. We learned from past year with the kittens not to hang any ornaments or tempting toys on the lower branches.

Somehow, however, the tree is much more interesting this year.

In the first 36 hours of its time in the living room, the poor tree has probably been attacked, via high jumps, branch crawling and ornament-batting tactics at least 148 times.

So far, we've had three ornament fatalities and numerous beatings at the base of the tree.

The kittens may have one the first few battles, but we humans WILL win the war.

(Or we'll just give in within this first week and will either hang the tree from the ceiling, put it up outside or just take all the freakin' ornaments off.)

Bring it, furballs.

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