Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The City of Bridges... oh, and awesome Swedish items for our new home...

This past weekend, Scott and I went to Pittsburgh to visit my stepmom Janet, who was in town for business. She was staying at a great suite in a hotel that was connected to the airport, which was fun.

Highlights of the trip:

- Making Janet and Scott pose with a ridiculous red vase in the hotel suite.

- Janet's fascination with the fake carrot-like decorations in the hotel planters.

- Scott getting salsa dumped on him at a restaurant.

- Scott and Janet insisting to "ride" the conveyors connecting the parking lot, hotel and airport while I walk alongside of them.

- Scott and I visit our first IKEA... and emerge two hours later with HUNDREDS of dollars of items for the new house. Then, watching a miffed Scott try to fit the random assortment of boxes and items into the back of my SUV.

- All of the beautiful, different-colored bridges in and around the city. It's amazing!

It was a great time. Janet and I have come a long way with our relationship since my days of adolescent rage and bitterness.

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